Please see below for a general maintenance price list. We provide many repairs that may not be listed below. Please call for inquiries or quotes.

Oil, filter, tire rotation and 21 point inspection *Labor only, most vehicles$25
Tire rotation, pressure adjustment and tread inspection $25
Four wheel alignment *Does not include removal of seized components$94.95
Four wheel brake service (Small to Medium size vehicles) $110
Transmission fluid service (Labor only, most small cars) $66.50
Rear differential or transfer case fluid service (Labor only, small vehicles, most vehicles) $66.50
Mount and balance four tires *17" or under$69.95
Mount and balance one tire *17" or under$17.50
Brake pad and rotor replacement (Front or rear, labor only)$189.90
Battery Replacement (Most Vehicles, with purchase)$29.95
Wiper Blade Install (Labor only, with purchase) FREE
Motor Vehicle Inspection$29.15
Remove and replace air/cabin filters (Labor only, with purchase, most vehicles)FREE
Brake fluid change, bleed braking system (Labor only) *Most vehicles$76
AC Diagnostics, refill AC system with refrigerant (Labor only, refrigerant extra) $94.95
Engine light diagnostics, vehicle computer scan. Includes a half hour of labor$94.95
Hourly Labor Rate $94.95